Mission & Values

Synergy’s Mission and Corporate Values

Synergy’s Mission Statement
To provide our residents high quality skilled rehabilitation and skilled nursing care in a manner that recognizes the value of human dignity at all stages of life.

Synergy’s Corporate Values Statements

  2. We are here to serve our customers, including our residents, their families, our visitors, physicians, medical consultants, vendors and our staff.
  3. Through our Quality Assessment and Assurance processes, we continually review our residents’ care and service delivery systems for ways to improve care outcomes and customer satisfaction.
  4. We seek staff members with an unusual level of personal commitment to their work and to our residents.
  5. We strive to create a work environment for our staff where open communication is promoted, individual accomplishments are recognized, and personal growth is encouraged.
  6. We encourage and promote innovative thinking among our staff to constantly assess their health care markets for unmet needs and how we might better fill those needs.
  7. To promote consistency in care delivery, we encourage all primary care physicians to follow their patients in our facilities.
  8. We want our facilities to be an integral part of their local community and strong corporate citizens.
  9. We strive to ensure our facilities are compliant with local, state, and federal laws and regulations on a daily basis.